Cape Town

Paarl – Cape Town – Paarl 60 km

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it has a lot to offer: Table Mountain, Waterfront, Green Market, a boat trip to Robben Island and Cape Town Inner City – you can read more about all of this below.

There are two ways of getting around in Cape Town. Either you can park your car in the parking area near the Waterfront and use the red double-decker busses from there. They will take you through Cape Town, to the cableway to Table Mountain, down to the Camps Bay and back to Waterfront. Or you can walk around by foot, which we suggest that you do in order to sense the pulse of the city.

N1 will take you directly to the centre of Cape Town. Follow the signs to ’Table Mountain’. When the highway ends, continue towards Table Mountain on ”Buitengracht Street” for a couple of hundred meters. Make a right turn by the traffic light onto ”Beach Street” and then a left turn into the parking lot at ”Marco’s African Place”

Follow ”Beach street” into the with lots a African souvenirs. The most remarkable thing about ”Long Street” is the well-preserved house fronts.

The house fronts and the vibes on ”Long Street” give you a sense of New Orleans

 At the end of ”Long Street” there is a church on your right hand side and a mosque on your left. Take the road on your left and pass the Iziko Museum on ”Queen Victoria Street”. Right after the museum, you can walk through Company Garden all the way through the park where rare plants and threes can be seen. The park was originally founded by The Dutch East Indies Company as a vegetable garden such that the Dutch ships that passed Cape The Good Hope on their way to the east could get fresh produce so the sailor could avoid scurvy.

By the southern exit, you can see the parliament building on your right and on your left the cathedral where Desmond Tutu was the Archbishop.

Outside the park, you can see the Slave Lodge Museum. In this building they kept the slaves until they were sold on Green Market. On the back of this building you will find that the lion in the crest is more shameful than in other crests around the city. This is as a reminder of the former purpose of the building.

From the back of Slave Lodge you can walk west on ”Spin Street” onto ”Mostert Street” and right on ”Cooperation Street” and finally left on ”Albertus Street” until you reach Buitenkant Street and the District Six Museum.

This museum is worth a visit. It shows the story of apartheid and how it assaulted the black population, levelled the city to the ground and deported 60000 people to town ships outside of Cape Town.

Continue on Buitenkant Street until the intersection with Darling Street. On your right there is an old fortress and on your left, the Grand Parade Plaza and the beautiful City Hall. From the balcony of this City Hall, Nelson Mandela gave his big speech to the South African people on the day he was released from prison.