In 1993 unusually rich and extremely beautiful Elita Georgiades buys the farm and instantly starts renovating to its present state.

Among Elita Georgiades’s employees is a painter who spent two years decorating the walls of Wildepaardejacht with motives from around the farm. Elita planted blue and white flowers all around the farm as a reminder of her Greek heritage.

Shortly before she bought the farm, Elita divorced her husband – the Greek ship-owner Tony Georgiades. She had fallen in love with another man – the South African President Frederik de Klerk.

A well-hidden love story that took place in London.

De Klerk had been President since 1989 and together with the freedom fighter Nelson Mandela, he was one of the architects behind the elimination of the apartheid system. The apartheid system had deeply divided white and coloured people in the country since the Dutch colonial era.

In 1993, De Klerk and Mandela received the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts. The following year, De Klerk stepped down to become vice president of Madela’s government

At that time, Elita Georgiades had adapted to life at Wildepaardejacht and she and De Klerk were successful in keeping their affair secret until 1998. Soon after, the ex-president divorced his wife, which caused a public outrage. Shortly hereafter, he and Elita got married and settled down at Wildepaardejacht.

Back home in Denmark, former mayor Ole Moller Madsen and his wife Kirsten had a dream about settling down in the southern part of Europe. Preferably on a vineyard as it reminded them of their previous life in agriculture.

By coincidence they started researching South Africa and when they found Wildepaardejacht there was no turning back. The family surrendered to the beauty and the nature at the farm and in 2009, the old farm, dating back from 1600, got their Danish owners.

Unfortunately, Ole Møller Madsen only got two years to enjoy life in South Africa before he was diagnosed and died from cancer. Since then Kirsten and the couple’s two children, Christian and Christina, have run the place. As of September 2015, Kirsten’s daughter-in-law, and former professional handball player, Christina Krogshede also joined the administration.